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No 2 Mount Street Upper is about people

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George Kent

Mr George Kent, Paper Stainer, (Arran Quay, Dublin TBC) / Died in 1791 and leases transferred to brother Edward Kent / 1786 – lease from Viscount Fitzwilliam lease dated – 12th Dec 1786 – for 150 years / Rent 1 peppercorn pa for 5 years / 36, 4 shillings 6 pence for 145 years


Edward Kent

Edward Kent in 1791 inherited the title to property on the south-east side of Merrion Square and on the north-east side of Upper Mount Street. In 1815 he sold the lease to Michael Merriman, a successful wool manufacturer from the Coombe in the Liberties.


Thomas Wrixion Fitzgerald

Mr. Thomas Wrixton Fitzgerald – Barrister at Law lived in No. 2 Upper Mount Street circa 1812.  Thomas’ son was to become Rev Edward Loftus Fitzgerald, Rector of Ardagh, Cork. Thomas later went on to become the Commissioner of Bankrupts.


James White

James White a Wine Merchant lived in No 2 Upper Mount Street ( 18 Upper Sackville Street (Re: Wilson’s Dublin Directory, for the Year 1830). / 1849 Dublin Almanack listed at  as James White & Co 19 Upper Sackville Street / 1849 Almanack James White Vintner 131 George’s St Lower)


Anne Turner

Anne Turner lived in No.2 Mount Upper Mount Street circa. 1835 and traded as a Fancy Stationer from 27 Henry Street. It is possible that Abraham Turner, a Post Office, Taverner left the business / premise to Anne Turner. It also appears that a Thomas Turner had offices in 27 Henry Street as well.


Hon Mrs Edward De Moleyns


The Honourable Mrs Edward De Moleyns  lived in No 2 along with her husband Mr Edward G De Moleyns, Solicitor. He was also the solicitor to the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery.

1857 – 1862

Hon. John Prendergast Vereker Mayor of Dublin

The Honourable John Prendergast Vereker while living at 2 Upper Mount Street and on 22 December 1858, in St. George’s Church, he married Hannah Louisa, daughter of George Medlicott. He qualified at the Irish Bar in 1847 and was a member of the Dublin City Council, he was also a Justice of the Peace for Co. Limerick.  Elected Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1863.



Miss Kyle

Miss Kyle (re: Thom’s Dublin Almanac 1862 / see list for all neighbours / image in folder (No. 1 at the time was Mrs Connors & Edward R Digges La Touche – Bar) SV – See clipping mention Miss, Mr, Mrs Kyle Belfast Newsletter Feb 17th 1859 – Vicaregal Court, Also there are Hon Mr and Mrs Vereker  SV Note: one of the press clips mentions Mr II S Kyle and Miss Kyle have left Merrion Square East for London  / Samuel Kyle (1770 – 1848) / Samuel Moore Kyle (1801 – 1890) – (1st Son of Rev Samuel Kyle)  /William Cotter Kyle Died: 25 Mar 1879 (2nd Son of Rev Samuel Kyle)


Dr. Annie Wilson Patterson


Dr. Annie Wilson Patterson lived in No 2 along with members of her family in 1901. She composed music and also wrote books about music. Her greatest achievements were to be amongst the first women in UK or Ireland to earn a Doctorate in Music for University of Ireland. She also was founder of the Feis Ceoil Association, promoting development of Irish Music.


Lennox Robinson

Lennox Robinson playwright, poet and director, lodged at No 2 Upper Mount Street, circa 1904. In 1909 Robinson was appointed producer of plays and manager of the Abbey by WB Yeats and Lady Gregory. He is buried in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, actors who wished to attend the service were told by the Archbishop that Catholics attending the funeral would be committing a mortal sin, only one attended.



Maria Bolton

Maria Bolton lived at No2 Circa 1908. Maria a widow and dress maker was born in Cork  ( Bo/ Widow / Occupation/ Divided from Shares / 7 Room House with 6 People  No.2 Would appear to have been a step up  Mary Williams 20 years & Hanna Williams 16 years Assistance Drapers from Tipperary. Note: Maria is a Widow / Dress Maker / Born in Cork / Daughter Mary born in England  Note: See other docs / 16 people approx per house / 4 families suggests this as a poor family, unlikely to be moving to No. 2)


Cornelius Mannin


Cornelius Mannin lived in 2 Upper Mount Street along with his family circa 1911. He was a well renowned Pharmaceutical Chemist serving the nobility and gentry throughout Ireland. In 1892 he went on to manufacture his own bicycles and in 1983 launched the popular ’Shamrock’ bicycle.


Frank McGough

Frank McGough, former proprietor of the Irish Chemical Manufacturing Company, North Summer Street, Dublin, who had lost his business and did hard labour on conviction for importing explosives. Remarkable evidence was given at Belfast when Frank McGough, described as a traveller of 2 Upper Mount St., Dublin, was charged with having an explosive substance in his possession.



Trinity Student’s Boarding House

Trinity Students were boarded at No 2 for a period from 1943 to 1945. lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. 


Contessa Taaffe


Grace McLaughlin Dunboyne lived in No. 2 from 1945 until 1959. She became known as Grace Baroness Confalonieri when she married Count Edward Taffe. In the late 1940’s she acquired the building for £3,000 and then went on to sell No.2 in 1959.


Irene Gilbert

Irene Gilbert sublet rooms in No.2 from Contessa Taaffe. A world renowned haute couture designer whose client list included Princess Grace. Amongst the best known pieces is a gold dress with the gold shawl, it was made for Anne Parsons, Countess of Rosse for the marriage of her first son, Antony Armstrong-Jones to Princess Margaret in February 1960.



Georg Fleischmann


Georg Fleischmann stayed in Ireland after being released from internment in the Curragh camp mid 1940’s. He founded Hibernia Pictures along with Stanley Moore, both directors, and in 1947 the company was situated in No 2 Mount Street Upper basement and ground floor which were sublet from Countessa Taaffe.